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A Living Will allow you to put in place instructions as to what will happen should you become incapacitated and unable to convey your final wishes to medical staff.

End of Life Assistance

A living will allows you to put in place instructions regarding medical assistance as you near the end of your life, such as refusing resuscitation or medical treatment. Many medical treatments administered near death are invasive, painful and simply extend a person’s life without improving its quality. Understandably, society increasingly recognises the right of a person to choose for themselves how the end arrives, although assisted suicide is still illegal in Scotland.

If you feel that you would rather make a choice ahead of time, we can help you put in place a living will.

These are also called ‘Advance Directives’ and are legally binding. You can't instruct a medical practitioner or any other individual to bring about the end of your life, but you can instruct them not to administer treatment aimed at prolonging your life.

Living wills and assisted suicide

As stated above, assisting suicide is illegal in Scotland, and the penalties faced by the assister are likely to be severe. If you would like to put in place a living will, and potentially spare your loved ones a difficult decision, we can help. To plan for the future, we recommend having a will, a living will and Power of Attorney in order. If you would like to discuss your end-of-life options contact watersrule solicitors are based in in Tillicoultryor the surrounding areas in Scotland.


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