A Sikh postman working for Disney has won a legal case over claims that he was forced to work out of sight of visitors so that they would not see his beard or turban.

Solicitors acting Gurdit Singh stated that their client was segregated from staff and customers based on his appearance, which Disney stated violated their “look policy” Having opted to take legal action, Disney have now confirmed that Mr Singh will be able to carry out any of his duties in full view of customers and anyone else.

Discrimination Case

Mr Singh had continually had one postal route in the park which kept him away from sight, whilst other workers had their assignments changed regularly. Lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and The Sikh Coalition, wrote to Disney expressing their concerns over Mr Singh's treatment arguing that his treatment was a violation of his civil rights.

The company insisted that it did not discriminate due to a religion, with Mr Singh, who has been working at the park since 2008 stating that he was “incredibly thankful” that Disney had opted to allow him to work in plain sight.

Speaking on the decision to change their decision, Mr Singh said: "My hope is that this policy change opens up the door for more Sikhs and other religious minorities to practise their faith freely here at Disney.

"My turban and beard serve as a constant reminder of my commitment to my faith... these articles remind everybody that we're all equal. That's not just a Sikh value, that's an American value."

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